An Exploration of Fractals.



In graphics and visual effects math can come up quite a bit, but even as much as we use it, it’s nothing compared to the people who create the software we use everyday. It’s easy for us to be ignorant of all the numbers and algorithms we use to create and enhance the images we make. But math can have a beauty in itself. And lucky for us there are more of these people out there delving into the world of these equations and brought us a way to directly view the beauty that can come from simple numbers.

All the images in this post were created from fractals. Though we may be familiar with the strange shapes and colors of 2D fractals, bringing them into the 3rd dimension brings a whole new layer of complexity and exploration. The software used to create these images provide a way to explore these infinitely complex 3D worlds and bring back pictures of what is found there. From the strangely organic to  industrial and manufactured. Being able to explore and create art in a new way is always an exciting opportunity. I’ll leave with a couple more pictures I’ve found in my explorations. If you want to do some exploring yourself try it out using either of these free software tools: Mandulbulber, Mandulbulb 3D