C300 MarkII


In a feeble effort to post something (anything) and not look like the guy who blows the blog off to get other stuff done, here’s a quick commentary on the C300 MarkII now that we’ve had it for a couple weeks. First, from the very start, the form factor is built to be usable, to be a run and gun as much as anything else. Layout and functionality all make it easy to work with. There are a few nitpicks, but setting the programmable keys mitigates those.

Yes, this is not a high speed camera. Yes, you can do more if you hook it up to an Odyssey 7Q+. So many more add-ons and extras that extend the capabilities, but out of the box with internal c-fast 2 cards and Canon L lenses, it does great things. MXF files work flawlessly in Premiere Pro CC 2015 and files can be cut immediately without any processing. Cut everything, then tweak color, etc. minimally and you’re good to go.

We even recorded Apple Pro Res HQ 1080p to our Ninja Blade without issues. 5.5 hours of record time with the 480GB SSD.

And we did shoot some 2K 120fps on a shoot last week, you can see it here.

So we’re happy with our purchase and have just scratched the surface. Next to test, continuous auto focus. But, that’s another post to come!