Under Construction


We’re expanding!

Renovations are currently underway here at headquarters heading towards our new and improved work space. Nearly doubling the size of our offices and being able to replace and rewire to our hearts content (allowing some nice speed increases to our internal network) we are getting set to be faster and more powerful allowing us to reach even higher quality content at greater volume. (Yeah! More things!)

Construction Space
With how many times we have all walked under that ladder we probably have some great things in store…


Now in the interim period during this construction we have all moved into our studio space where we are all nice and cozy. Luckily setting up in there was not too much of a challenge and within a day we had all moved in, wired back up, and were up and running.


WorkSpace setup
With helpful labels.


We look forward to our soon to completed home expansion and look forward to sharing it with you. Keep an eye out for some new pictures and video in our new space soon and in the meantime here’s a few more pictures during the transformation.

Contruction Space Helping Teardown walls Surveying the land

Before After
A before and after of our old space and under construction.